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Class Schedule

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June 2024

  • Thursday 6th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Friday 7th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult

  • Saturday 8th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult

  • Monday 10th (11.30am-2pm) Adult 

  • Friday 14th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Saturday 15th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Friday 21st (2pm-4.30pm) Adult

  • Saturday 22nd (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Friday 28th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Saturday 29th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

July 2024

  • Friday 5th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Saturday 6th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Wednesday 17th (10.30am-12noon) Family

  • Wednesday 17th (6pm-8.30pm) Adult

  • Friday 19th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Saturday 20th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Wednesday 24th (10.30am-12noon) Family

  • Wednesday 24th (6pm-8.30pm) Adult

  • Friday 26th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Saturday 27th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Wednesday 31st (10.30am-12noon Family

  • Wednesday 31st (6pm-8.30pm) Adult

August 2024

  • Friday 2nd (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Saturday 3rd (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Wednesday 14th (10.30am-12noon) Family

  • Wednesday 14th (6pm-8.30pm) Adult

  • Friday 16th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Saturday 17th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Friday 23rd (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Saturday 24th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Friday 30th (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

  • Saturday 31st (2pm-4.30pm) Adult 

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