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Orkney Glass Hut 

Orkney Glass Hut Studio and Gallery overlook the beautiful and historic Scapa Flow with uninterrupted views of the Island of Hoy.

You can contact us via the Contact page to book an appointment, workshop or simply to visit the studio.


With new glass windows, doors and lots of decorating, my Orkney Glass Hut is already letting in the light and warmth during these winter months.

The Old Farm House

Gillietrang Farm can be found on maps dating back as far as1760 and the Studio building is part of the original dwelling. It is attached to an old stable and animal sheds. Many of it's features and fixtures inside date back a hundred years or more.


The Orkney Glass Hut

Flower Tunnel

Bathed in sunlight, I work with my glass creating original art pieces surrounded by gorgeous greenery!

The flower tunnel is very seasonal and in the winter months I need to work indoors as it’s very cold!

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